Catch the Holiday Spirit in St. Augustine!

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Nights of Lights HomeWhen I was a little girl, Christmas was a magical time. I would literally become giddy with excitement. But as the years passed, it was harder and harder to get in touch with that feeling. Some holiday seasons I didn’t feel it at all. Then I discovered St. Augustine’s Nights of Lights! Although the event lasts from November through January, I like to go on a brisk December evening with my family and friends. As we drive into downtown St. Augustine and see millions of white lights twinkling throughout the city, I get that old feeling again!

Depending on the activities scheduled for that evening, we may tour a historical inn and hear romantic stories from our guide who is all dressed up for the holidays or we may take a train ride to see many, many more lights or we may simply stroll through the narrow streets and stop in a quaint restaurant for a glass of wine or a decadent dessert – sometimes both!

No matter what we find to do, the air is tinged with festive excitement and laughter!  Everyone you pass in the streets is smiling and friendly. After enduring stand-still traffic and shopping in ridiculously croweded stores, a visit to St. Augustine’s Nights of Lights with the people you love makes you remember what the holidays are really about and let’s you catch that magical holiday spirit! Hope you and your family enjoy it as much as me…Merry Christmas everyone!


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