We Give the Hubble IMAX Rave Reviews!

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hubble_telescope_imax_movieI recently had the opportunity to see the new “Hubble” IMAX at World Gold Village as part of our Davidson Realty company outing. “Hubble” is the amazing story of what it takes to maintain the Hubble telescope and the incredible view of the universe that Hubble sends back to Earth.

From the very beginning, the Hubble had technical issues and since it was launched there have been several missions to improve the telescope. This movie mentions the previous missions to give people an idea of what it’s taken to maintain the Hubble, but focuses on the last mission to keep the Hubble in orbit. Large portions of the movie were shot by this Astronaut team. One of my favorite scenes was the shuttle launch, captured in the IMAX format makes you feel like you are sitting in the bleachers of Kennedy Space Center watching it live. The spectacular views of Earth from space are also incredible. It’s amazing to see how difficult the simplest task is for the astronauts working in their space suits; at one point the movie compares the delicate work of fixing the Hubble in a spacesuit to trying to do brain surgery wearing mittens.

The other focus of the movie, the view of the universe made possible by the Hubble, is explained in vivid detail by the narrator, Leonardo DiCaprio. From discovering new information about the planets in our own solar system to expanding our ability to see the depth of space, this modern marvel has expanded our knowledge of the universe. The movie does a good job of providing information without becoming boring by contrasting the information with stunning visuals. 

Hubble is definitely worth a trip to World Golf Village. It manages to be informative and entertaining, which is sometimes a hard balance to find. People of all ages should enjoy this movie. Check out the movie and then check out golf course real estate in St. Augustine!


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