On-Site Mortgage Lenders Help Streamline Home Buying Process

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Entrance to East Town PlaceMost real estate professionals, sellers and buyers would agree that home buying has become a more arduous process of late. Says Davidson Realty President Sherry Davidson, “There are quite a few home loans initiated that never come to fruition.  It’s a function of tougher qualifications and more complicated transactions.” Davidson Realty, Inc., based in World Golf Village, hopes to improve the home buying process with an on-site mortgage lender available six days a week, Monday through Saturday. 

Davidson Realty has teamed with three mortgage lenders who will provide on-site consultation for home buyers at its office in World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Florida. The varied institutions include First Atlantic Bank, a local community bank based in Jacksonville and St. Augustine; Dolphin Home Mortgage, an independent mortgage professional, and Bank of America, the large corporate bank. Rotating on-site at Davidson Realty’s offices, the lenders provide straightforward advice and honest assessments for home buyers and real estate professionals alike. Explains Davidson, “Gone are the days of pre-qualifying for jumbo loans and breezing through closings. Our goal is to help home buyers know from the get-go how much of a loan they can really qualify for in today’s market.”

Davidson is optimistic about the new program and growing interest from banks in home loans. According to Luciano Noir-Jones, First Atlantic Bank’s St. Augustine Market Executive Vice President, “We are strong residential lenders.”  He added. “One of our advantages is that we underwrite and keep residential loans on our books, instead of selling them off.  This allows us to be more flexible for cases where a borrower, or the home they are buying, do not fit in the ideal box – recent examples are a high loan-to-value situation and a condo loan.”  First Atlantic recently teamed with Davidson Realty to have the bank’s Residential Mortgage Officer Jay Pardue onsite at Davidson’s office in World Golf Village two days a week.  Says Davidson Realty President Sherry Davidson, “This is a great opportunity for homebuyers since they can get expert advice on home loans on the spot.”


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