Sherri Webb Looks at Every “Angle” to Save Clients Money on their Insurance

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agents pics 047-1Sherri Webb had my attention when she told me she recently cut a client’s homeowners insurance premium in half. She saved them more than $700. Sure, cutting coupons and shopping sales are good ways to save a little cash but saving hundreds while someone else does all the work?  That’s powerful! So I paid her a visit to learn a little more.

Sherri has more than 20 years experience in the insurance industry. She recently opened her own personal lines insurance agency, Angle Insurance Group (get it? She protects you from all checks “Angles”), in the Davidson Realty building at World Golf Village. She explained to me that she is an Independent Insurance Agent which means, unlike captive agencies, she can shop several insurance carriers, not just one company, to find the best coverage at the best price. “I don’t have to answer to any type of boss, I am my own boss, so my focus is finding ways to save my customers money. My customers really appreciate that,” said Sherri.  Sherri opened her new agency in June 2010 and is already saving people big money. Customer Sharon Horton said, “I knew Sherri for years but never paid much attention to my insurance until the premiums started to go up.  I had her look at both my homeowners and auto policies and not only did she cut my premiums in half, she also got me better coverage. I kick myself for not having her take care of my insurance earlier!”  Sharon added, “I refer friends to Sherri now and everyone is thrilled. Her personal service is top-notch and she doesn’t rest until she finds you the best coverage for the best price.”

Sherri’s specialty is Homeowners Insurance, including primary residences, summer homes, apartments, condominiums, and mobile homes, and she also handles boat, auto and motorcycle insurance. She explained that right now the best opportunity for customers to save money is with Homeowners Insurance. According to Sherri, “As a result of the real estate boom/bust, a lot of people are over-insured.  Homeowners who bought their homes in 2005-2008 should be re-evaluating their coverage.”  She added, “It’s important for people to realize that they are insuring their home for replacement value. I work with the mortgage companies on behalf of my client to make sure the coverage is adequate (not too much or too little) so that the client is protected and not overpaying for insurance.”

One of the things I noticed about Sherri is that she takes the time to explain the insurance product in ways even us industry outsiders can understand. In fact, personal service is her business edge. “This is a small business by design so my customers can talk with me directly. How many insured’s really talk to their Agent? Not many, so I want to be here for them, ”said Sherri. She gives out her cell phone number to clients and encourages them to call her first, especially if they have a claim. “I can help them analyze whether it’s going to be worth it in the long run to report a claim. Once you call that insurance company 800-number, it’s stays on file for awhile so you should be 100% sure it’s in your best interest to report that claim,” said Sherri.

She also makes it easy for customers to find out their options. “It’s as simple as emailing or faxing me the first couple of pages from your current homeowners or auto policy. I do my research, run the numbers and let you know honestly what I can offer that’s a better deal or I tell you to stay put because your current policy is a good one,” she said.  Another advantage is that Sherri is familiar with the area, having lived in Julington Creek and now a Murabella resident. “I love this area and look forward to building my business here. I’m personally and professionally invested in keeping my clients happy.” 

Sherri Webb is the Agent/Owner of Angle Insurance Group, Inc. located at World Golf Village, 100 East Town Place, Suite 210, St. Augustine, Florida 32092. She can be reached at the office 904-484-2159/by cell (904)540-6835 / by fax (904) 484-2168 and e-mail

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