Personal Service at Publix Liquors Makes New Year’s Party Planning a Cinch

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Commercial_1When a friend mentioned she got a phone call from Mia at Publix Liquors, located at The Shoppes at Murabella in St. Augustine, telling her that her favorite Malbec wine was on sale (a BOGO offer no less!), I knew this was the kind of service that would make life easier and little less expensive.  So after I poked fun at my friend for being on the Publix Liquors “frequent caller” list (I mean, how much vino are you buying anyway?), I called Mia to see how I could get the same VIP treatment.

“This is a service we offer to all our customers,” explained Mia.  I was a little relieved to hear that I didn’t necessarily have to be “high roller” to get the best treatment.  She added, “If the customer agrees, we will fill out a preference sheet with their personal favorites and then we’ll call them when those items go on sale.”  Jackpot!  This is the kind of high-level service you find at a five-star hotel.  But this wasn’t the Four Seasons, this was my neighborhood Publix once again setting the bar and impressing me with their attention-to-detail.

And it got better. Mia also told me they will pre-box an assortment of Spirits and Wines for customers.  This is the way to go for New Year’s party planning. I may not have a strict “no waiting in lines” policy like my husband, but I am as frazzled and busy this time of year as anyone.  So being able to call my order in, getting their help figuring out how much I will need based on my numbers, having the Publix Liquors crew box it all, and simply showing up to pay, is like having a party planning “Easy” button.  I might even be able to get my husband to pick it up since there will be little to no waiting involved. (Side note: I made the mistake of having him pick up the Honeybaked Ham the week of Thanksgiving about two years ago and I think that may have been when his “no lines” policy became nonnegotiable. So ever since I carefully consider wait time when I’m dolling out errands.)

As a gift to me this holiday season, I am setting up a personal preference sheet at Publix Liquors so I can keep myself in Pinot Noir and Limocello all year long without breaking the bank. Maybe I’ll throw in some Maker’s Mark for my husband…a reward for after he runs the errands.

Publix Liquors is located at The Shoppes at Murabella at 84 Tuscan Way in St. Augustine, Florida.  Call them at  (904) 940-1896.


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