Commercial Hindsight = Future Success

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Aerial 2 with Hall of FameIn the initial programming of land use at World Golf Village, we planned for and secured 5,540,000 square feet of mixed use development rights. Those rights include 583,000 square feet of commercial use, 2,493,000 square feet of office use and 2,464,000 square feet of industrial use. In addition to the mixed-use rights, there are 1,225 hotel rooms available for construction at World Golf Village. As is the case with most planned communities, services, businesses and commercial development “follows the rooftops”.

The St. Augustine golf course community commenced construction in 1996 with the privately-funded, privately-built I-95 Interchange (now “Exit 323”). Over the past 14 years of development, many stores, offices, hotel rooms and mixed-use establishments have been built in the community – offering great service and convenience for both residents and guests. At the start of a new decade, the residential components of the community have reached the mid-way, build-out threshold. Along with approximately 3,650 more residential units yet to build, we have tremendous office, industrial and mixed-use development opportunities (“commercial”) to follow on.

The World Golf Village commercial opportunities are on advantageously located lands that have been complimented with beautifully designed and implemented infrastructure. The commercial sites are easily accessible and some are highly-visible from the passing interstate traffic. All of the commercial properties are secured through controlled adjacencies with high-quality development standards and are graced with the continuity of a comprehensively-designed unified sign program. From an “addressing” and “association” stand-point, the commercial opportunities are superb; second to none in the region.

To further validate the commercial opportunities here at World Golf Village, the World Commerce Center, fronting the southside of International Golf Parkway, is strategically poised to accommodate a large-scale regional mall development. Once the national retail, big-box merchants, advance their positions in North Florida, we believe it will happen right here in the greater World Golf Village marketplace.

The programming, planning and design of the commercial opportunities for World Golf Village required a much higher standard of quality and character than what is normally encountered at almost any interstate interchange, at any national location. In hindsight, these elevated standards may have actually helped to enable the development of the interstate interchange properties five miles to the north and 5 miles to the south of World Golf Village. Importantly though, the standards have protected the portal to the World Golf Village communities and set the stage for the next commercial renaissance which will wrap around the International Golf Parkway / I-95 World Golf Village Interchange. The coming phase of World Golf Village commercial development promises to bring an array of stores, restaurants, hotels, entertainment options, community services and offices – the likes of which will be unique, highly-desirable and eagerly supported by the growing neighborhoods and businesses. The World Golf Village commercial hindsight has definitely created a foundation for future success.


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