Jacksonville Realtors Check out the New 3D IMAX

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Picture2The World Golf Hall of Fame IMAX just re-opened.  The theater upgrades include a new digital 3D projection system, state-of-the-art sound system and a new screen. The screen is actually the largest IMAX digital 3D screen in the Southeast.  One of the perks of working for Davidson Realty was being invited to the private opening last Thursday night for World Golf Village employees. I interviewed a few of our Jacksonville Realtors to see what their experience was.

Pauline and Woody Cake made a family night out the event. In her own words, she said “WePicture1 went to the NEW 3D IMAX experience and I thought it was awesome before…….but WOW, it is even more AMAZING now.  It was really funny to see our boys’ hands waving at the screen as if they were trying to touch the fish and the sharks as they were swimming around in the ocean.  “The Ultimate Wave” which was filmed in Tahiti, gave a great story of Kelly Slater, a pro-surfer who holds his 10 yr title as the youngest and oldest world champion surfer. He and his friends travel to the French Polynesian Island to meet their friend and surf guide and showcase their passion to ride the biggest waves in the world.  The film was enjoyable, but we all agreed that any film on the 3D IMAX screen would be epic!”

Picture3Another Davidson Agent that went that night was Lynn Whitley. Her and her family went to see “Hubble.” They decided to see Hubble, even though they saw it at the IMAX two times before. She thought it would be a great point of comparison.  Lynn said “There were so many details that I didn’t notice before. Inside the spaceship, on their way up to Hubble, the astronauts had necklaces on and they were floating around their necks.” Lynn and her family are also annual pass holders. They went again on Sunday. They saw “Under the Sea.” Lynn said “In the movie, an otter was throwing a ball. The lady in front of us screamed because she thought it was coming at her!”

Now it’s your turn! Go check out the new IMAX and see the changes for yourself! But one thing that has not changed is their prices! So take your family to the IMAX for some FAMILY FUN!!!


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