Funny Golf Attire Photo Contest!

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golfpantsIt is late February as I write this – and it is also in the high 70s! The sky is blue and the breeze is light. All in all, it is a perfect day. It is the kind of day that makes one think of all the fun outdoor activities spring brings. Although many people in Florida golf year round, some of us just do it when the weather is beautiful and we need an excuse to spend three or four hours outside enjoying the day. Thinking about hitting the links again made me start to mentally review my golf wardrobe…what did I buy at the end of last season just because it was on sale? What did I buy many seasons ago that I need to stop wearing altogether? What fashion faux pas did I make last year that I really don’t want to repeat this year? All of this daydreaming about bad golf attire gave me an idea for a fun contest. Since I can’t be the only one that has some funky golf clothes (at least I hope I am not the only one!), we decided to ask everyone who has – or knows someone who has – a funny golf outfit to take a picture and email it to Peyton at between now and March 14th. We will post all of the photos on the World Golf Village Facebook page on March 15th for all the world to admire. Then, you have until March 21st to vote for your favorite. The winner will be announced on March 22nd and they will win a $100 gift certificate to the PGA TOUR Stop so they can buy a new fashionable golf outfit – or anything else their little heart desires! We hope you enjoy the wonderful world of bad golf outfits with us! For questions about the contest, just call Peyton at 904.940.5000. Good luck!

Thank you to PGA TOUR Stop for donating the gift certificate!


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