Hold Onto Your Seats – IMAX 3D is Here!

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Picture2After being closed for almost a month for extensive renovation and upgrades, the World Golf Hall of Fame IMAX theater re-opened at the end of January.  We are now proud to say that our St. Augustine golf course community is home to the largest IMAX Digital 3D screen in the Southeastern United States.  The WGV IMAX is also one of only five institutional theaters in the World, with this level of IMAX Digital technology.  In addition to a new digital 3D projection system, the new IMAX boasts a state of the art sound system and a new 60ft x 80 ft wide screen – that’s about six stories high!  I for one can’t wait to adorn myself with those polarized 3D glasses (that are made only for IMAX) and see one of the 3D movies.  I hear the glasses are most comfortable and they make you look smart – I need all the help I can get in that department!  All of this sounds rather technical – well it does to me anyway, but here’s the real deal; The WGV’s IMAX will now be able to run both 2D and 3D movies, including first run Hollywood Movies.  Harry Potter, here I come! My colleague, who has had the opportunity to see “The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D” tells me – that (except for the fact that his pants were dry) he almost felt the waves were crashing down in his lap! Picture1

Of course, all of this great technology does have it’s downside –Motion sickness!  I’ve been on those 3D rides at Disney – it’s great to feel like you are really there but my stomach doesn’t think so! After having said that, I absolutely love a thrill and I’ll be there the first opportunity I get!

Along with the renovation comes a great new IMAX website, which is absolutely first class.  To find out more information about film schedules and book tickets online, go to


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