Would Your Home get the Energy Star Stamp of Approval?

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To conclude our three part Energy Star series, we had Frank Cirillo from Providence Homes and Michael O’Donoughue with Jacksonville Building Science give us a behind the scenes look at the testing of Energy Star Homes. Frank explains that Providence Homes uses Michael to verify that their designs meet the Energy Star criteria before a homeowner moves in. The three tests they conduct are very interesting and important if you want to save money!

Michael tells us in the video above that these energy tests are required to insure that the homeowner has a tight house, their ducts don’t leak, and they have even distribution of air. He then demonstrates the blower door test, the duct blaster test, and the room by room load calculation with a flow hood. The blower door test detects how much air is being drawn out of the house and measures how tight the house is and the duct blaster test determines how much air is coming through the ducts in each room. The flow hood shows the air flow coming out of all the supply grills and back into the return grills, which is a unique test to Providence Homes. So, not only does Providence Homes take the time to teach us all about Energy Star they also go above and beyond with more testing for their customers!  

We hope all three energy star videos help you in building or renovating your home! To view part one and two of the series please visit:  http://www.youtube.com/user/DavidsonRealty#p/u/5/ZUpt7zCwNWQ and http://www.youtube.com/user/DavidsonRealty#p/u/1/B6IGd0WYeVM. If you have any questions on Energy Star homes or features please contact a Davidson Realty agent at (904) 940-5000.


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