Meet World Golf Village Resident Denny Kompare: A Neighbor “Invested” in our Community

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Denny1From his arrival to World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Florida 12 years ago, Denny Kompare has invested countless hours in making our community the best it can be. In fact, Denny was the first President of the Turnberry Homeowners Association and has volunteered in our St. Augustine golf course community in a variety of ways over the years.

Denny was one of the first residents of Turnberry when he retired to the area with his wife Joanne in March 1999. Sadly, Joanne passed away from Ovarian Cancer in April of this year. Denny’s son Douglas, a Personal Chef, lives with him in Turnberry.  They share their home with a Yorkie, a Cockatiel and a Senegal Parrot.  “It’s an amusing menagerie” says Denny.  In addition Denny has two lovely daughters, Denise and Desiree, who live in New Jersey and Virginia respectively.

Perhaps it was the worldly appeal of the name “World Golf Village” that caught Denny’s attention.  “I retired as the Director of International Business for Union Carbide,” said Denny.  “We had offices in 42 countries and I can count at least 60 countries I’ve traveled to over the years. My favorite part of the travel was interacting with people of all nationalities, cultures and traditions and enjoying all  of the differing cuisines”

DennyRetiring didn’t slow Denny down a bit.  In addition to serving as President of the Turnberry Homeowners Association, he serves as President of Saint Johns Northwest Master Association Board and Vice President of the Saint Johns Northwest Residential Association Board.  He was one of the original founders of the WGV Social Committee, kicking off activities like the men’s poker club, casino nights and neighborhood Happy Hours.  He volunteers at the World Golf Hall of Fame and frequently volunteers at golf tournaments, including the Murray Brothers Caddyshack Tournaments, the TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, Florida and the Ginn Championship Golf Tournaments in Palm Coast, Florida. 

Speaking of golf, Denny credits his move to World Golf Village as the impetus for improving his own game.  “I was a seldom golfer before I moved here,” he explained.  “I would occasionally play with business associates and my 140 average score was not something to write home about to say the least. But now after lessons with the World Golf Village pros and plays at many local courses including the King & Bear and Slammer & Squire, I’m hitting around 100 to 102.”

Denny has been on the local Catholic Charities Board of Directors for five years, serving as Chairman for the past three years. His commitment and work led to  his appointment to the Diocesan Catholic Charities Board of Directors, of which he currently serves as Finance Chair.
Denny has also been President of the local chapter (Northeast Florida/Southeast Georgia) of Union Carbide Retirees for four years and was appointed to Director for all 11 chapters in Florida in January 2011. Just this October, Denny was elected Chief Financial Officer of the organization’s National Board. 

Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.”  For World Golf Village neighbor Denny Kompare, the giving is generous and steadfast.


8 Responses to “Meet World Golf Village Resident Denny Kompare: A Neighbor “Invested” in our Community”

  • Tom Koffolt says:

    Denny is one who has always “given”, asking nothing in return. His compatriots around the world think the same. I have always valued his friendship!!!!

  • Ken Hill says:

    Nice article Denny. I Am glad we have you for our CRC job there in Florida.

  • Norm Dube says:

    Hey Denny! You’ve come a long way from playing softball in Danbury, as we all have!! Hopefully, I will b able to look you up on some first quarter vist to WGV, as we spend time in Cocoa Beach, FL Glad to see all is well with you, and you continue to give, as you always did!!

    Norm Dube

  • Russ Johns says:

    Denny how do you have time for golf? I’m impressed with all the activities you are in and the energy it must take, you’re the man. Russ

  • Bobby Poole says:

    Great job/passion. Looking forward to joining you soon!!! Love the life you live and live the life you love!

  • Mary Ann Bell says:

    I moved into my home the same month that Denny & Joanne did-March ’99. We met along with the 3 or 4 other homeowners then in Turnberry.We have remained friends since then, sharing good times and bad. We called Denny the “mayor” of Turnberry. He is a loyal and genuine friend, the first to help in any situation.Hats off to you, Denny!

  • marvin sindel says:

    Denny also volunteered to help at the OLGC pancake breakfast this past weekend and from there went straight to the WGV Hall of Fame to volunteer….great guy.

  • Duane & Dot Baumert says:

    Denny, great article about you. It was great having you visit us this week and we hope next time you come back and play golf with us in our back yard.

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