Business Spotlight: Mile Marker Brewing

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When it comes to top quality craft brews, great times with friends, and live local music in St. Augustine, Mile Marker Brewing has truly made a name for itself.

As the only full-scale commercial brewery in America’s oldest city, Mile Marker and its micro-brewed beers have earned a reputation for unwavering quality.  In fact, earlier this year, brewery owners attended the 2013 Best Florida Beer Championships in Tampa, and brought home a gold medal for Mile Marker Zero Blonde Ale, silver medal for Mile Marker 1565 Ancient City Red Ale®, and bronze medal for Mile Marker 70 Palm Beach Coconut Porter .

With a name like Mile Marker® and award-winning brews, there is bound to be a great story or two about the brewery’s origins and how Mile Marker Brewing came to be the go-to watering hole in St. Augustine.

We recently asked Tap Room Manager Mackenzie Altorelli to give us some insights into the unique brand and beers of Mile Marker Brewing.

How did Mile Marker Brewing get its start?  Over a couple of beers, co-owner Vance Joy came up with the idea of starting a company that utilizes his craft brewing skills with the sales and beverage experience of long-time friend and fellow founder and co-owner Mike Fierro.  The team quickly tapped Wildlife Artist and long-time friend Mark Mueller to assist with label and logo design. Mark created the brand.  They then added the leadership skills of another long-time friend Dennis Grune to the team.  The foursome opened for business on October 12, 2011. 

What is the meaning of the name Mile Marker Brewing?  All the “Mile Markers” represent either a place or historic year – all relevant to Florida.

Tell us about your micro-brews.  All beers are brewed on location.  We have five signature brews: Mile Marker 0 Blonde Ale, Mile Marker 70 Palm Beach Coconut Porter, Mile Marker 1565 Ancient City Red Ale®, Mile Marker 82 Islamorada IPA, and Mile Marker 1513 Pecan De Leon Nut Brown Ale.

Does Mile Marker offer seasonal summer brews? Which beer would you recommend for a hot, sunny day? Currently, we offer a Honey Blonde and a Blackberry Blonde on rotation.  Other small batches that are exclusive to our Tap Room include our Mile Marker 215 Imperial IPA and Mile Marker 22.5 Black IPA.  Our Signature Mile Marker 0 Blonde Ale is perfect for a hot, sunny beach day!  Our Mile Marker 82 Islamorada IPA is also great for Florida weather.

Besides your main location, where else can your brews be found?  We distribute to restaurants and bars in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Key West, and recently introduced our beers to Gainesville and the St. Pete areas.  Our beers are also distributed in locations in South Florida.

Your Tap Room is a busy place! What ongoing events can patrons plan to attend? Our Tap Room hosts Yappy Hour every third Wednesday of the month where you can enjoy your favorite Mile Marker® brew with your four-legged best friend by your side. We also have live music every Thursday night at 5 p.m. for Happy Hour, as well as Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m., and during the day on the second Sunday of every month.  

Mark your calendar: Mile Marker Brewing is hosting a Betty Griffin House Fundraiser on August 16 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 at the door and include two drink chips. For additional information contact Kim Brumfield (904-808-9984, kimb@bettygriffinhouse.org).

They have also partnered with the St. Augustine Chapter of the Bold City Brigade, a support group for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Mile Marker Brewing will be the group’s “home bar” for the upcoming season.

Check out Mile Marker Brewing online at http://www.milemarkerbrewing.com/ or stop by the Tap Room at 3420 Agricultural Center Drive in St. Augustine. They’re open every day except Monday.  Follow them on Facebook, www.facebook.com/MileMarkerBrewing (look for Turtle Logo) and Twitter, @MileMarkerBrew, for news and happenings!


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