Legacy Builders Thoroughly Impress their Clients

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john_10-09_00000Every time I hear someone mention John Unkefer or his company, Legacy Builders (one of the builders at World Golf Village), it is positive. The comments are about how much his clients love him, or how high his integrity is, or how knowledgeable he is. So, I decided to talk to him to find out what sets him apart from other builders and how he maintains such an impressive reputation in a difficult real estate market.

The first thing he mentioned that sets him apart is that John personally works with all of his clients. He starts out by meeting with them to understand what they want. Sometimes clients know exactly what they want and the Legacy Builders team helps them realize their dream. Other times, the clients only have pictures from a magazine to start with. Either way, the clients and John work together to create the design and architecture the client wants. John describes new home construction as a team sport – and the clients are on the team!

He also has multiple walk-thrus during the construction process – during framing, electrical, finishing, etc. – to make sure the clients’ expectations are met and managed. John emphasized the high level of open communication Legacy Builders has with each client is key to their success.

After the home is complete, Legacy Builders checks in with the owners after 30 days and 11 months to make sure they are satisfied and happy. John always makes sure his clients are taken care of, which explains why one of the things I have continually heard about Legacy Builders is after 13 years in business, every one of their clients is happy! That’s amazing.

Another testament to this is the vast majority of Legacy Builders clients are referrals from past clients or repeat clients. Since Legacy Builders does additions and remodels, many clients return to John for any of their home construction projects. If you or anyone you know is interested in a construction project, maybe you should have them talk to some of Legacy Builders’ clients directly. Needless to say, John’s OK with that!


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