WGV IMAX Theater

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When families are shopping for their forever home, the community is often just as, if not more important, than the house itself. The perfect house may not be so perfect if there aren’t convenient and fun quality amenities and a thriving community to support your economic and social goals. The World Golf Village, one of St. Augustine’s most popular enclaves, is preserving one of those amenities housed within its borders.

The World Golf Village Hall of Fame IMAX Theater is home to North Florida’s largest movie screen – 80 feet wide and 50 feet high. It’s crystal-clear images and powerful digital soundscape create a movie experience that is undeniably cool. The theater caters to a wide crowd, featuring new releases, past blockbusters, popular throwbacks and captivating educational documentaries. It has long been a place where friends and families can gather for a fun and unique movie-going experience unlike any other around.

With the World Golf Hall of Fame Foundation relocating and ownership of the building moving to a new party, rumors began to swirl that the IMAX Theater was closing its doors. St. Johns County government listened to resident concerns and publicly declared their support and dedication to keeping the amenity open for all residents to enjoy. Through social listening, resident surveys and community engagement, St. Johns County learned that residents were passionate about seeing the theater remain open. Officials were able to allay fears and have begun working with the theater’s management to explore options for the long-term management of the facility.

County Administrator Joy Andrews confirmed: “We want to reassure residents that there are no plans to close the IMAX Theater. We are actively engaged in ongoing discussions with the Foundation and are exploring all possibilities to ensure the continued enjoyment of the IMAX Theater for everyone. Despite rumors circulating about a potential closure date, St. Johns County remains committed to transparency and communication with the public regarding the future of the IMAX Theater.”

For now, the World Golf Hall of Fame Foundation has graciously continued the theater’s operations. The county’s next step is working with a professional planning consultant who will evaluate resident responses to a sweeping survey measuring public opinion on the future of the property. These experts will explore a number of pathways forward for not only the theater but also all of the World Golf Village properties, including the World Golf Hall of Fame multi-purpose facility, PGA Tour Productions building and S. Legacy Trail.

To find current showtimes, visit the World Golf Hall of Fame IMAX Theater here. To keep up with County activities regarding the IMAX, visit the St. Johns County website at sjcfl.us.


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