CornerStone Homes Achieves 99% Client Recommendation Rate

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Mark at Desk Smile[1]There are some people who make everyone they come into contact with feel happier. Mark Downing, managing partner of CornerStone Homes, is one of those people. So, it is no wonder that 99% of CornerStone Homes’ clients will happily recommend them to their family and friends!

Of course, there are a few other reasons too. When I spoke with Mark Downing recently, he shared that the foundation of CornerStone’s success is built on attention to detail and customer care.

If you know Mark, he has a quiet confidence about him. And it was in this humble, but assured manner, that he recommended I compare the finished work in a CornerStone Home with any other builder’s home. He said you can see CornerStone Homes’ attention to detail in the window sills, door casings and drywall. In fact, throughout the building process they review a 300 point checklist with their trade partners to make sure everything is done right. He says it is important to “inspect what you expect” if you want to achieve the highest standards. This is something his trade partners understand and appreciate, partly because most of their trade partners have been a part of the CornerStone Homes team a long time and, partly, because Mark takes the time to explain why the various items matter.

As much as Mark likes building homes to the highest standards, he actually joined the new home business because he likes building relationships with quality people. That’s why customer care is the second principle of his company.

He believes the best way to take care of customers is to communicate with them, as well as, his team. Together, Mark and his team make sure they understand the customers needs and wants – and then they deliver them. Mark shared that sometimes this requires investing a little more energy than other times. However, the CornerStone team does whatever is necessary to go the extra mile, including a home redesign facing all of the toilets away from the front door and keeping the lids down at all times to ensure the owner’s devotion to feng shui is respected!

When I said his customers must appreciate all of the extra effort, he explained he thought effort is one of the most over-rated attributes. He said his customers don’t want him to try hard, they want him to make things happen – which he does! I had never thought about it in that light, but doesn’t that make a lot of sense?

He said another key to success is taking the time to truly understand your team. By knowing how to effectively motivate and reward them, he creates an environment that is positive and productive. This happiness then radiates out – into their work and into the customers’ homes. So, I guess we’ve come full circle…CornerStone Homes – and Mark Downing –  just seem to make people happy!

Needless to say, we are delighted that CornerStone Homes builds a variety of beautiful golf homes in The Neighborhoods of World Golf Village.


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