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iStock_000007246843XSmall[1]You have fallen in love with your Northeast Florida new home? It is beautiful and comfortable, just what you always wanted.  You are happy to host guests and parties, and you are having fun with furnishings.  Your home is beginning to portray your interests, your style and your character.  You learned about what works well in your home during this past holiday season.  Is there anything missing?

Your home needs to “find its place” in the community.  By that I mean an attention to your home’s landscape can provide the finishing touch.  Once you start to consider the “design” of your yard – not just a random or formula approach to planting – you can extend your personality and show your pride in your neighborhood.  A well-designed landscape, together with a quality-care, maintenance program can add immense appeal to your home and signal your commitment to preserving and upholding your neighborhood’s desirability and values.

A special report in the Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Business showed that one of your greatest assets may literally be in your yard.  The best landscaping approach can easily add more than 15% to your home’s overall value.  As the housing market began to change, Americans learned that one of the very best ways to increase a home’s value (whether for living, entertaining or resale) is to revitalize and expand the landscape.

Today’s landscaping approach is far more involved than simply maintaining a lush, green lawn.  Great home landscapes include creating a gardenesque yard, front yard curb-appea,; back yard recreation and entertainment amenities and an outdoor, private sanctuary where the home’s indoor spaces flow and connect with the outdoor spaces to magnify living opportunities.  Hardscape elements, such as specialty paving, fountains, sculpture, arbors, gates, trellises, courtyards, furniture, umbrellas, pools and spas, abound with countless options that extend outdoor living and entertaining frequencies.

Landscaping can be easy and gratifying.  It can also grow, mature and change over time, much faster than you may think.  With the right material and plant selection and placement and maintenance, your investment will continue to increase in value.  As it does, you, your family and your guests will be rewarded with a gracious, enjoyable and comfortable year-round setting.  So, attend to your yard’s design and be fulfilled.


2 Responses to “Distinguish Your Yard”

  • Vanessa says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post from Rick. Landscape is sometimes put on the back burner when building a home but the design and planning of your landscape really does pay off when it begins to mature. Don’t make design mistakes in the beginning – it can be expensive down the road.

  • Amy says:

    Great article! I just would like some help. Since moving out here I cannot find a good and reliable landscaper. Does anyone know one?

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