The Heritage Oak at World Golf Village

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Heritage_TreeMany years ago, before World Golf Village was even imagined, much of the land here was either pine plantations or dairy pasture.  The pastures were adorned with majestic Live Oak trees.  The trees, livestock and wildlife co-existed and the trees thrived in their native habitat.

All too often some of our most beautiful trees are sacrificed by the development around us.  There are many special preserved trees in World Golf Village, but the most famous of them all, a prestigious Southern Live Oak stands in Heritage Park, in the King & Bear neighborhood.  In pre-design and development plans for our St. Augustine master-planned community, the tree, known as The Heritage Oak, stood right in the path of a planned major thoroughfare, Oakgrove Avenue.  Through intrinsic design and environmental sensitivity, Oakgrove Avenue was re-designed to preserve the tree and make it a neighborhood landmark.  This was a major accomplishment and a testament to the commitment to excellence by Davidson Development.

To celebrate The Heritage Oak; in 2006, the Davidson Companies commissioned a drawing by the official artist of the National Register of Famous and Historic Trees, Mr. Stephen Malkoff.  

The original drawing, is now proudly displayed in the Davidson Companies office as a reminder of what makes World Golf Village so special.  In the words of Stephen Malkoff,  “Don’t take our trees for granted.  Enjoy them and admire them.”

Signed, numbered, limited edition, archival-paper prints (framed or unframed) of the Heritage Oak are available.


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