Jim Davidson Tells Behind-the-Scenes Story of WGV

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I started to work for Jim & Sherry Davidson (pictured below), the master developers of World Golf Village, about 10 years ago. I remember Sherry taking me for a tour of the King & Bear at World Golf Village Jim and Sherryright after I joined the team. There were two homes in Bearsford, one in Kingsbury and one in Waterbury by the Links. That was it…four total homes. Today, there are almost 700 homes behind the gates of King & Bear. So, I guess you can say I have seen World Golf Village evolve over the years. However, that wasn’t the true beginning of the World Golf Village story. It actually started many years before the first homes were built!

Over the years I worked with Jim & Sherry and the rest of the Davidson team, I have heard bits and pieces of thousands of stories about the early days. Jim recounts making deals on nothing more than a handshake with honorable men and Sherry tells of how exciting it was when a UPS delivery truck bounced down a dirt road and found the construction trailer for the first time. Along the way, they ran into difficult times and colorful personalities. And they found a way to survive both!

Tomorrow night, you have the opportunity to hear the whole story of how World Golf Village came to be by one of the best storytellers around – Jim Davidson. Even though I feel he is too modest in telling the tale, I promise he is highly entertaining and the true behind-the-scenes story really is amazing! So, I personally invite you to join us at the February Davidson Speaker Series at the Davidson building at the entrance to World Golf Village on Thursday night. Wine and cheese will be served at 7 PM and Jim starts telling the story at 7:30 PM. You really won’t want to miss it!


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