Eclipse Now Playing at World Golf IMAX!

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Twilight Photo 2You would have to live under a rock to not know about the “Twilight” mania that is going on in pop culture right now. The series of books by Stephanie Meyer’s were wildly popular, even before they were transformed into movies. As the third movie in the Twilight sage, “Eclipse”, hit theaters the furor hit an all time high! You can enjoy the romantic thriller in its full glory for a limited time at the World Golf IMAX movie theater with a six-story high screen! This makes it the largest IMAX screen in Northeast Florida and a great way to watch all of the action…

For those of you who don’t know, Twilight is a story about an ordinary teenage girl, Bella, who falls in love with an exotic vampire, Edward. Of course, this creates some unique challenges for their relationship. Their love is further complicated by the fact Bella also is in love with Jacob – who is a werewolf! (It should be noted she loves Edward the most though!)

This love triangle has created a rivalry between fans of the movies: Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. After watching Eclipse, I must admit I am on Team Jacob. Personally, I think he is cuter than the skinny and pale Edward. (I have to wonder if I am going to get nasty comments on this blog post now!) But I mostly side with Jacob because he is honest with Bella. Edward tends to “protect” her too much and this leads to controlling behaviour on his part…that is simply unattractive to me. Doesn’t this bother anyone else? And there is the small fact he is eventually going to take her soul away! Although I don’t think the movie will ever be nominated for an Oscar, it is a great way to escape for two hours or so!

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how wonderful it was to simply ride our bikes to see this IMAX movie! When you live in The Neighborhoods of World Golf Village, the theater is practically in your own backyard. For more information about living in the best Jacksonville golf course community, visit Davidson Realty.


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