Top 5 Reasons WGV Courses are the Best!

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golf picEvery other month, The Neighborhoods of World Golf Village hosts a “Post for Prizes” contest on our Facebook page. It is a pretty simple contest. All you have to do is submit an answer to whatever the question of the month is. (My favorite question so far is, “What is your favorite line from Caddyshack?”) This month all you had to do was name one of the top 5 reasons the World Golf Village golf courses are the best. The person with the best answer wins a different prize each month. For July, Michael Stockwell gave the best answer and won a $100 gift card to the golf pro shop! Congratulations Michael!

Although all of the answers were wonderful, I was surprised that the chilled apples served on the 1st and 10th tees of both courses weren’t mentioned….Neither was the iced towels handed out by the player assistants on hot days or the GPS in every cart. I guess there are so many great things about the courses, we should have made it a top 10 list instead!  Here we go with the winning 5…

5. The WGV golf courses are core golf courses. The Slammer & Squire has no road crossings and the King & Bear has only one. Traffic never interferes with our play!

4. Both courses are maintained to the highest standards. The grounds crew is second to none!

3. Both courses boast the most beautiful natural setting imaginable! The courses meander under ancient live oaks and next to sparkling lakes.

2. The people who we get to play with – from our neighbors to our out-of-town guests – bring the course to life and make it incredibly fun!

1. And the #1 reason WGV golf courses are the best anywhere is our courteous & helpful staff! They welcome us with a big smile and a positive attitude ALWAYS!

Please feel free to add any reasons we missed! And watch for our next Post for Prizes contest in September…


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