Bullish on the Bulldog! Ernie Wins the Pet Photo Contest

Posted by: Caryn Best in Uncategorized

ernieThose of us who have met Ernie the French Bulldog were not at all surprised he won the first World Golf Village Pet Photo Contest. Even though his smushed face, pudgy belly and constant snorting make him seem more pig-like than canine, he’s a great cuddler and full of puppy charm (he’s just 6 months old afterall).  Some might say he falls into the “so ugly he’s cute” category but don’t tell his mother who, like any new Mom, thinks little Ernie is the cutest, smartest, most wonderful dog ever born. Now she has official bragging rights. Congrats Ernie! Enjoy your Petco gift card but don’t blow all the money on treats.


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