5 Things I Love About WGV!

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WGV Top 5 BlogThere are many wonderful things about living in The Neighborhoods of World Golf Village. Some you can find in many prestigious golf course communities – but most you can only find in WGV! Here are my top 5 favorite things:

5. Even though I don’t play golf, I love riding around in the golf cart watching my friends play…especially when they are playing the back nine of King & Bear. How fabulous is it to spend four hours outside in an absolutely beautiful natural environment without a cell phone to be heard! Add to that a bev cart girl that hands you delicious margaritas as you wander through the ancient live oaks and manicured greens and you have a simply delightful afternoon! By the end of the day you can actually remember what it feels like to relax…

4. I love being able to ride bikes to Caddyshack’s. Although I don’t think it is appropriate for margaritas to be involved in all of my favorite things about WGV, how can they not be mentioned when I am talking about Caddyshack’s? It is great to have a neighborhood restaurant & bar that is right around the corner. And one where it is inevitable that you will run into friendly faces everytime you stop by!

3. I love the nature that surrounds the neighborhoods. It is as if World Golf Village is embraced by a leafy decompression chamber. Driving along the neighborhood streets you exhale as you appreciate the trees – and the wildlife that live among them. From deer to turkey to neighborhood children, World Golf Village provides a beautiful home for us all!

2. I love the attention to detail that ensures WGV will be a beautiful community for decades to come. Have you ever noticed the hand-curb that was built around tree roots that are close to the road? This detail preserves and protects the trees so the trees can continue to flourish in the community. Or have you noticed how you catch glimpses of the golf courses as the roads elegantly twist and turn through the community? Have you noticed how stacked stone was used throughout the community or how the Irish farm fence actually looks BETTER as it ages? All of these things didn’t happen by chance. Every detail of World Golf Village was lovingly planned to make it improve as it matures…just like fine wine!

1. And the number 1 reason I love WGV is – I love the people. There is a certain kind of person who appreciates quiet elegance. And that appreciates a happy, friendly community. Those are the kind of people that live in World Golf Village. We don’t have big gold gates at our entrance. We have lovely oak trees to welcome you home. And we may have a black tie affair every now and then, but we have more dinner parties where our cheeks hurt the next day from laughing too hard. So the neighbors of World Golf Village love trees & nature, eating and laughing. And they enjoy golfing & relaxing and they appreciate the finer details. Some of them even love a great margarita from time to time! So how can the people that live at World Golf Village not be the best thing about the community!


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