The Neighbors & Dogs of World Golf Village

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boxer_fanner1Recently, we read an email about Barbie and the different areas of Jacksonville, Florida.  We wanted to take the same approach with the Neighborhoods of World Golf Village, but the people here are definitely not Barbies.  So many people here have dogs and you know people are described to be like their dogs…that got us thinking…

Like a Boxer, the people of GroveWood love children.  They are loyal to their friends and are loving companions.  If you drive down Boat Landing, you will see parents out in the street watching each other’s children play while having some fun themselves.

Basset Hounds are described as “fun loving, affectionate, devoted, and peaceful”, which we think describes the people who live in St. Andrews. Whether grandchildren are stopping by to visit or planning for a committee, they do it all graciously.

The Jack Russell Terrier is the perfect dog for Bearsford. They are lively, spirited, energetic, and amusing. They are always camping, cooking out, and bike riding. These people know how to have fun!

The unique personality of a Weimaraner depicts not only the custom homes, but the people of Royal Pines as well. These people and these dogs are friendly, happy, and cheerful.

If you have ever driven through Waterbury, you can see a resemblance of the Labrador’s characteristics in the people; sweet, well balanced, outgoing and reliable. 

We feel like you can go to any website and find out lot size, builders, and price, but it’s very hard to find good information on the heart of a community; the people. Here is our stab at that. But, if you would like to access more information on our St. Augustine golf course community please visit


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