For a Fun Afternoon Try the WGV Photo Scavenger Hunt!

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DHI saw this tv commercial about a contest that The Neighborhoods of World Golf Village was doing. All you had to do was find four locations at WGV and you were entered to win one of four iPads. Now, normally, I wouldn’t do a contest like this. But, come on, it was for an iPad! So last Saturday was a beautiful day – and I thought why not! I got my camera ready and picked up my friends. (One of them is in the picutre above – isn’t he a cutie!)

We decided to start our adventure with a bottle of wine and some sushi at Sushi Bistro across from the King & Bear entrance. And I don’t mean to give anything away, but lo and behold we found the first location. Then, we headed back towards the Hall of Fame because we knew the other locations were not behind the gates of King & Bear. (Goodness, how many clues can I give in one post!)

Since we were making an afternoon of it, we decided to stop in Caddyshack’s for some more inspiration (also known as margaritas!). After that, two of the three remaining locations were relatively easy to find, but that last one was a toughy! So, we called the number on the contest page and asked for help. Alayna gave enough hints that we figured it out in no time and dropped our pictures and entry form at Davidson Realty.

On our way home we laughed about driving in circles looking for the last location, but we had to admit it was a beautiful place to be lost. None of us had been to WGV in the last few years and it really has blossomed into an amazing community. I would encourage everyone to spend a few hours there having fun, but I don’t want to diminish my chances at winning, so please don’t enter!


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