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rickThe other evening I was listening to the end-of-season wrap-up analysis about the records of my favorite SEC college football teams. You know the kind; how games were determined by controlling the line or running the ball or time of possession or the big play or the trick play or ball-control or by minimizing penalties or playing to the end and being in the game until the last second. Usually, one of the commentators will mention that the best teams won by scoring more points, really. Sometimes they will acknowledge that the players were “coached-up”. Rarely, does the twelfth man get any of the credit – since all big-time college teams almost always sell-out their stadiums anyway.

Yet, there is still room for novel insight in the prognosticating arena. Witness this sage comment by an analyst who was using multi-syllabic words to convey his sports acumen when he stuttered out that his winning team had the “want-to” more than its opponent. Yes, the “want-to”.

I got to thinking how the want-to would be a great thing to cultivate during the Holidays and apply into the New Year.

I got the want-to to pay off all my 2010 bills before 2011. I got the want-to to start the New Year with great, ambitious goals – attainable with the right amount of want-to. I got the want-to to be healthy, wealthy and wise next year – but will settle for losing weight and exercising by using my want-to to succeed. I got the want-to to be more than I can be if I can just keep up my want-to. I want all my friends and family to get the want-to to want to help one another, since 2011 will no doubt challenge our collective want-to. I got the want-to to get comfortable with not wanting anything (material) and to continue wanting peace and prosperity for all.

I hope you get the want-to too and that your want-to will work for you.


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