There’s No Place Like Home!

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Dorothy had it right when she said “There’s no place like home” and that’s how I feel every time I pull into my driveway in Turnberry at World Golf Village!  The ambiance of the neighborhood is a perfect mix between country living and city charm. 

Purchasing a home is a very difficult decision to make.  There are certain criteria, which come into play when you pick the location and type of residence that is perfect for you.  I made the decision to purchase in Turnberry five years ago and am extremely happy to be located in a beautiful Florida golf course community between the cities of St. Augustine and Jacksonville – and bordered by some of the east coast’s prettiest shorelines.

I was recently asked to do a video describing the top five reasons why I chose to call World Golf Village home and I had a great time doing so with friends Dottie Lay and Alayna Oram.  We began our journey at the entrance of Turnberry to do the introduction to the video. A thoughtful neighbor stopped when he saw our car parked beside the road with its flashers on and wanted to know if we needed help.  That’s just the kind of neighborhood it is! From there we moved over to Royal Pines to visit Dottie’s home. Then, we climbed into a golf cart and rode down to Caddyshack for a glass of wine and dinner. 

The great thing about living in Turnberry at World Golf Village is that it is almost as simple as clicking your heels together to return home after a fun day or evening out! Hope you enjoy the video!


2 Responses to “There’s No Place Like Home!”

  • Lynn Whitley says:

    You are so right, Cindy. We love living in Turnberry too. There are so many opportunities to enjoy nature! WGV is the place to be.

  • Nicola says:

    You couldn’t have said it any better. Love walking our neighborhood several times a week. Even driving to the dry cleaners in our little shopping center is enjoyable.

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