Return of the Lions

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460113687_5055fba7aaLions are not only kings of the jungle they also have reined as sentinels on the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine, Fl. for close to 85 years. The lions were given as a gift to the city in 1926, by a close friend of Henry Flagler’s, Dr. Andrew Anderson and were sculpted by Romanelli studios.  They are copies of the pair that stand guard outside the loggia Dei Lanze in Florence.  Their names are Firm and Faithful.  The city recently celebrated their return to the bridge this past Tuesday.  They had been in storage for six years, where they underwent restoration while the Bridge of Lions was being re-built.

You can’t be a native of St. Augustine, FL and not be excited by their return.  Their Italian Carrera white marble stands out splendidly against the backdrop of the Matanzas Bay and the brilliant blue sky.  Even at night, the city’s lights reflect their majesty as you cross the Bridge of Lions, which joins St. Augustine with Anastasia Island.   

Spending a day in St. Augustine is always a treat, but getting to go downtown and see the lions returned to their rightful spot, makes you proud to call St. Augustine, FL, a city steeped in history, home!


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