Treating Pets Like the Cherished Family Members They Are at Bartram Trail Veterinary Hospital

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2011-04-26_14-47-26_969Finding a vet that your pet actually likes to visit is right up there with having kids who think broccoli tastes good and a mother-in-law who doesn’t judge your housekeeping skills.  They’re all in the category of “Makes Life Easier.”  They are rare.  You should thank your lucky stars if you score just one of these rare things that make life easier.

Located on SR 16 just a half mile from the CR 13 intersection, Bartram Trail Veterinary Hospital definitely makes life easier by treating your pet like it’s their own. This full service companion animal hospital comes highly recommended by several Davidson Realty staff and friends, including French Bulldog and King & Bear resident Ernie.  Ernie’s owner/mom Peyton Davidson said “They know Ernie by name and he actually gets excited to go to the vet because of the love and attention they show him.”  Ernie added, “Yep, they love me!”

When Davidson Realty staff found a dog roaming the King & Bear on a hot summer day with no collar, they took him to the Bartram Trail vet. They checked to make sure the dog was healthy, gave him water and assured them that they would keep the dog until the owner was located.  In fact, the dog’s owners were located quickly since it had a microchip.  “The Bartram Trail Vet staff loves your pet the way you do.  They were so patient when Ernie had skin allergies – they worked with us over several weeks until we found the treatment that worked for him,” said Peyton Davidson. 

Bartram Trail Vet Hospital is under the care of Dr. Krista Davis and Dr. Martina Sander, along with a team of dedicated vet technicians and administrative staff. They treat dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, ferrets, rats and rabbits. Their services include annual exams, dental care, surgical procedures, radiology, behavior counseling, on-site laboratory, ultrasound and ECG.  They offer boarding and daycare as well. One of their more unique services is acupuncture. Dr. Sander is certified in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.  Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with traditional therapies to treat arthritis, pain, bowel disorders and other chronic conditions.

Check out the Petsimonials (get it? pet testimonials?) on the website for more great feedback from pets and their owners.  In fact Bartram Trail’s website is another example of how conscientious the practice is. The adoption section is a great place to start if you want to add to your family. You can also find lots of info about the practice, helpful links, and an informational newsletter. There’s even a vet library called vetopedia. Visit www.BartramTrailVets.com or call them at (904) 940-0655.


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