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Aerial_KB_OverviewFor over 150 years the intersection of S.R. 16, Nine Mile Road and Pacetti Road has played a prominent role in the commerce of central St. Johns County. Today it offers a fantastic opportunity for a business, looking to capitalize on location, location, location.

The intersection was the hub of the original Mill Creek hamlet – the center of timbering, turpentine harvesting, cattle farming and agricultural enterprise. The crossroad was the jumping off spot for a “corduroy road” that ended with a landing at the confluence of Mill Creek and Six Mile Creek and provided access to a collection of logging encampments. For decades, loggers harvested prized-trees and turpentine along the tributaries of the St. Johns River. From Mill Creek, logs were floated out Six Mile Creek – bundled into log rafts – then steered down river to the big mills in Jacksonville. One day, I found a pair of original, perfect condition, hand-thrown, clay turpentine pots along the remnants of the old corduroy road.

Closer to the turn-of-the-century, the crossroads-area became the center of a thriving and productive farming community. Gladiolus flower farms and nationally-renowned potato farms spread over the region, interspersed with cattle-raising businesses. The County and the region produced quality goods that were shipped throughout the country.Aerial_KB_Parcel2Commencing in 1988, a large land assemblage, bookending either side of the crossroad, became the basis for what is today the World Golf Village. Along the way, the village grew in local, national and international prominence. The name Nine Mile Road was changed to International Golf Parkway, as a way to signal the new community along the eastern seaboard’s Interstate 95. World Golf Village set aside over 44% of its land holdings in perpetual Conservation Lands to create a beautiful balance between what was built and preserved within its own boundaries and what was respected in its adjacencies with the existing crossroads-area landowners.

Now is the time to become a part of crossroads history. We have a 6.52 acre commercial parcel located at the front door to the King & Bear Community. The parcel (#2) is only 1,800 linear feet south of the crossroads and offers over 1,200 linear feet of frontage on Pacetti Road. It is only about 1,000 feet from the Shops at Murabella, anchored by the new 54,000 SF Publix – their Florida Store #1000.

The site has its main access from Land Grant Street, which intersects with Registry Boulevard, just before the King & Bear gatehouse. Additional right-in, right-out access will be available along the Pacetti Road frontage. The site is complimented with an additional 2.78 acres, for a lake, to provide 100% of the site drainage needs. The site can be developed with up to 85% impervious surface coverage and the lake has already been designed and permitted to accommodate the resulting drainage. The land use entitlements and zoning will allow for a variety of commercial uses with a maximum building height up to 100’. Fill material for your site improvement can be generated from your lake construction – consolidating and economizing your site development operations.

The 6.52 acres in Parcel 2 are offered at $5.00 per square foot. The adjacent 2.78 acre lake site will be yours with the purchase. At less than $1,500,000, this is your best opportunity to be a part of the business community at World Golf Village.

Make your commitment and begin laying your ground-work to be a successful addition to the greater World Golf Village area. We believe the crossroads will serve you well.


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