Our Schools are TOPS!

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St_-Johns-County-SchoolsI really like talking about the St. Johns County schools and how they continue to receive such great accolades year after year.  I am a proud parent, cheering on my girls as they get a great St. Johns County school education. It comes as no surprise to read in last weeks’ Newsweek Magazine that three St. Johns County schools made it in their top 1,000 best schools in America.

Nease High School, just down the road and the zoned high school for our St. Augustine golf course community, ranked at #208, followed by Creekside High at #237 and Bartram Trail High School at #292. 

This year, Newsweek revamped it’s testing criteria by concentrating on six components; Graduation rate (25%), college matriculation rate (25%) and AP tests per graduated (25%), plus average SAT/ACT score (10%), average AP/IB scores (10%) and AP courses per graduate (5%).

Once again, St. Johns County students ranked first or second in the state in the grade-level categories of reading, math and science.  These accomplishments are testament to the fact that many people come and live here, not just for our fabulous weather and lifestyle, but for our amazing schools.

Davidson Appreicate Teachers AppleOn the home front, the Davidson Companies know that our schools’ top rankings are not just pure luck –  It’s all about our wonderful teachers.  Jim Davidson’s daughter, Kristen Calhoun, created a unique program for recognizing and appreciating our local World Golf Village school teachers.  The program, named “Davidson Appreciates Teachers”, recognizes teachers who are examples of the County’s Character Counts Program.  Kristen uses Social Media and other sources to collect community wide nominations.  She tallies voting and compares comments, to determine the recognition rewards.  The program has been a great success and will continue through teachers of all grade levels.


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