Back to School in World Golf Village!

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backtoschoolI can classify my friends into two groups; those that can’t wait for school to start and those who don’t want summer to end. Either way, the 2011/2012 school year is near. I know for the next few weeks I will be working on my “bucket list” for the summer and taking some time off from work to get the girls ready for back to school.

Fall sports have started in our St. Augustine golf course community. In our clique, we catch up on each other’s summer vacations, how many teeth our children lost, compare children’s injuries, and find out what teacher every child has this year. I brought something different and exciting to the discussion. I got to share with the ladies the exciting giveaway that Davidson Realty is doing for one lucky student and teacher at Wards Creek Elementary and Mill Creek Elementary schools.

Davidson Realty is celebrating Back to School with a fun coloring contest. All your child has to do is go to, download the coloring sheet, and drop it off at the Davidson Building by September 15th.  The winner will receive two $50 gift certificates for Barnes & Noble. Your child keeps one gift certificate and gives the other to the teacher to buy books for the classroom. What a way to kick off back to school!

Starting October 3rd you can email me, Kristen Calhoun at your nominations for 4th and 5th grade Davidson Appreciates Teachers contest. I look forward to finding out why your child’s teacher is the best!


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