What in the World is Energy Star?

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When I kept hearing the term Energy Star, I called my friends Frank Cirillo and Robert Goettlicher at Providence Homes to understand what all the fuss was about. I was amazed at what I found out! There’s a lot more to an Energy Star home than you may think. What I found most interesting is along with many energy saving features in each home, the homes must be independently tested to verify that it qualifies to hold the title of an Energy Star home.

2011-07-28_08-58-12_434It all starts with the home being designed properly – including window placement, heating and cooling duct design, planning for the air handler to be placed in conditioned space, and even truss design to allow for proper insulation all contribute to energy efficiency.

Check out the video above where Frank demonstrates the truss design. I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about until he went and got a normal truss and compared it to the truss that goes in a more energy efficient home. A picture is worth a thousand words!2011-07-28_08-56-26_754

Of course, high performance low- E windows, insulated doors, programmable thermostats, energy efficient appliances, and water heaters all add to the energy savings.

Providence Homes guarantees that all Energy Star homes will score 77 or lower on the E scale which measures energy performance; however, they have recently been averaging 69. This matters to you because a home achieving 69 will use only 69 percent as much energy as a typical new home which is 100 on the scale.

My next thought was, of course everyone would want an Energy Star home, but what will it cost me? Amazingly the Energy Star home is very comparably priced with any new home because the design makes it so much more efficient. I am completely sold on the Energy Star homes and can’t wait for the new spec  Providence Homes  is building in GroveWood in our St. Augustine golf course community to get started!

For more information on Energy Star Homes please contact any Davidson Realty Agent at (904) 940-5000.


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