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Couple Walking 2According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, 8/30/11, researchers say, “Taking in the sights and sounds of nature appears to be especially beneficial for our minds”. At the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto, researchers are studying whether interacting with nature can be therapeutic for relieving anxiety. University of Michigan research shows that performance on memory and attention tests improved by 20% after study subjects paused for a walk through an arboretum. The researchers found that cognitive performance improved after a “nature break” – and they weren’t talking about a trip to the restroom.

The research also found that for those folks not living in or near a nature-filled environment, that a quieter city street with interesting natural elements to look at, such as containers of plants and street trees, could do the trick.

walk in the park blog 1Although I am no scientist – I do know that our St. Augustine golf course community is the exact kind of place that will let you unwind, relax and even boost your mental performance.

When we planned the 6,300 acres of World Golf Village, we set aside over 2,775 acres (44%) of naturally forested mixed-hardwood lowlands and uplands. These forested lands have been recorded in Conservation Easements, to be protected in their natural state, in perpetuity.

Today, the Conservation Lands form a sort of skyline forest that perimeter and contain the World Golf Village neighborhoods. Walk out any door of any home or business and you are likely to get an immediate view of nearby forests. The forest skyline is a trusty reminder that World Golf Village was built in harmony with Florida’s natural environment.

cross treeTo compliment the Conservation Lands, we planted thousands of native canopy trees along the boulevards, parkways and streets. We planted thousands more throughout the common areas and on the Slammer & Squire and King & Bear golf courses. We also mandated a minimum number of trees-per-lot for every single family home built in the community. Likewise, for all mixed-use and multi-family neighborhoods, there are specific tree planting requirements.

The thematic canopy tree selected to showcase the character and quality of World Golf Village’s built environment is the lovely Southern Live Oak, Quercus virginiana. The Live Oaks, together with the other tree palette selections, are long-lived, adaptable, hardy and beautiful trees that grow stronger and more graceful with time.

The Conservation Land forests together with the thoroughfare, commons, golf and neighborhood canopy trees combine to create the very kinds of natural sights that researchers say are especially beneficial for our minds.

World Golf Village – a place where you can Take A Walk In The Park – and unwind, think, refresh and achieve.


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