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Lat_Ext_frontLiving in the King and Bear has many perks. As a home owner, I always take a deep breath as I drive through the gates. I never forget to take a moment to appreciate the pristine beauty of my St. Augustine golf course community. The curvy streets are lined with Oaks. The landscape is always lush and perfectly maintained. But enough about how beautiful the King and Bear is. Let me tell you what I really love. I love Spa Laterra!

Spa Laterra is the perfect place to cure any ailments, whether you need an hour to relax or an entire day! In these busy and stressful times, there is no greater gift to give than some time to your self to relax and regain sanity. One of my favorite ways to spend a day is with my girlfriends at the spa. After I put on my robe and slippers, I head to the meditation room for some tea and to begin unwinding with a magazine. I also really love relaxing in the private rooms outside.

After I get my chill on, I love to start with a facial to help ease me into a deeper relaxation. There are several to choose from. I would recommend the Journey from Bliss facial if you really need to just focus on relaxing. A few of my girlfriends love getting the Age-Defying Fountain of Youth Facial.  Then it is always nice to meet the ladies out by the Laterra Resort pool for lunch.

Laterra Resort & SpaA spa day would not be complete without a massage. A Swedish massage is the classic “go to” massage but Spa Laterra offers everything from reflexology, sports, hot stones to deep tissue massages.  If you want the perfect gift for a mother-to-be or a new mommy, they offer pre and post-natal massages as well. Not to mention a variety of different algae wraps and scrubs. After all, this is a world renowned spa!

Next, we meet up for mani’s and pedi’s because that is the best way to wrap up the day! (It also helps get me out of the relaxation fog, that’s why I need two more services.) I know what you are thinking, I’m spoiled! Well, you can be spoiled, too. Get your girlfriends together and make a day out of it. Who knows, maybe you can entice the men to get a foursome together for golf or to join you at the spa for one of the many gentleman services they offer. Get your chill on and check out Spa Laterra. Enjoy the video!


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