Business Spotlight: Trusted Tranzitions Specializes in Senior Moving Management

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TTLogo_BlkRed_TagRick Hollabaugh started Trusted Tranzitions about four years ago when a personal experience left him thinking there was a need for personalized senior moving and downsizing services.  “My wife and I were living in California and my Mother-in-Law who was in Florida passed away suddenly. In addition to dealing with her grief, my wife had to stay in South Florida several months dealing with her Mother’s estate, a long tedious process.”  Hollabaugh added, “Very soon after, we relocated to Ponte Vedra from California and moving cross country even as healthy pre-retirees was a daunting task.”  Both experiences spurred Hollabaugh, an experienced entrepreneur, to start Trusted Tranzitions.

Rick and his wife Bobbie started Trusted Tranzitions with a focus on senior moving . Whether  across town or across country, Trusted Tranzitions helps retirees relocating to Florida, seniors moving into independent living and assisted living facilities and seniors downsizing from larger homes.  “We make the process stress-free,” says Hollabaugh. As their business grew, so did their menu of services. Today, in addition to senior move management, Trusted Tranzitions also provides reliable more expansive estate administrative services and reliable referrals for reputable trust, estate and wealth management professionals.  Says Hollabaugh, “We can provide a nearly A to Z approach for clients – from helping them manage the move into an assisted care facility like Glenmoor at World Golf Village, to helping them sort through and downsize their belongings at a bigger home, to providing trusted referrals for estate sales, handymen or other help getting their home on the market, and then handling all the hassle of packing and moving so they can smoothly make the transition into their new home.”

4308_#1In fact, Trusted Tranzitions has helped nearly 70 World Golf Village residents relocate into The Cascades and Glenmoor alone. “Our business is about 50/50 with half of our customers coming directly to us and the other half comes to us through family members, often children who can’t take time away from work or family but want to ensure their parents’ move goes smoothly,” says Hollabaugh.  Testament to the company’s skill and dedication to what they do: at least 30% of Trusted Tranzitions’ business is repeat business.  Trusted Tranzitions is proud to be recommended by Glenmoor, Vicar’s Landing and Fleet Landing, to name a few. “We feel recommendations, like the ones we get from Davidson Realty who has baby boomers and retirees relocating to World Golf Village, speak volumes about the level of service we provide,” said Hollabaugh. “At the end of the day, Trusted Tranzitions always delivers on our promise to treat each customer as if they were our own family member.”  Hollabaugh added, “We love working with seniors. It’s the most rewarding career my wife Bobbie and I could have hoped for.”

Trusted Tranzitions is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers. Rick Hollabaugh cautions anyone looking for senior moving assistance whether for themselves or a loved one to ask around and call referrals to be sure you’re getting a team with integrity and compassion.  Also ask about moving assistance.  World Golf Village’s Glenmoor for example provides up to $1,000 in senior moving assistance.

More information about Trusted Tranzitions is available at, or call Rick Hollabaugh at (904) 325-6000.


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  • We’re popping up all over the U.S. map! I too started my business out of personal experience. You never realize how difficult a later life transition is until you have been through it. Good article!

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