5 Tips for Decorating for Christmas

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Our friends at Interiors Revitalized were willing to give us some great tips on decorating our Jacksonville golf course homes for the holidays!

christmas-mantel-121. Choose 2 or 3 colors to decorate with.

Using two to three colors to decorate will help you achieve a professionally decorated look. Deciding on a color palate before you go shopping will make the selection process quick and easy.

2. Bring the outdoors in.

Cut fresh greenery or visit your local tree stand for cuttings. You can use them on the mantle, as garland, or as a centerpiece along with candles. The possibilities are endless!

card-holder-decorating-1209-de3.  Decorate with Christmas cards.

Instead of putting all those beautiful cards you receive in a pile on your counter, display them. You can purchase a card holder or fabric bulletin board to hang them. Another way is to hang them around a doorway to create a fun frame of cards. You can also attach them to ribbon and hang them from a window or mantle.

ornaments-cylinder-l4. Ornaments are not only for the tree.

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to decorate is to use Christmas ball ornaments. With so many choices in colors, you can easily coordinate with the rest of your decor. Try putting them in any clear vase, jar or bowl. You can also hang them from your chandelier or from a window latch.

5. Set the mood.

Dim the lights, light some candles, and turn on the tree lights when you have guests over. Your home will instantly feel warmer and cozier. Soft lighting can really set the tone and make everyone feel more relaxed and festive.


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