Mark Downing with CornerStone Homes Talks Changes in the New Home Construction Industry

Posted by: Sherry Davidson in Builders, Videos

MarkDowningI had an opportunity to visit with Mark Downing from CornerStone Homes recently and thought you might enjoy his comments on the video above. We talked about the changes we are seeing in the new home industry.

When the real estate industry was booming, it was not easy to find a desirable lot in a great community at an affordable price. Today there are many lots available and the prices are amazingly affordable. Right now in the King & Bear we have 10 bank owned lots available that include a membership to the King & Bear and Slammer & Squire golf courses. We also have Developer lots available with memberships and a few lots owned by builders that could be purchased.

It is the perfect time to find that great lot and pick your favorite builder. You can select the plan and style that works best for you and build the home exactly the way you want. The homes today are better homes than homes built even a few years ago. The building codes are tougher, the building practices are better and the homes are more energy efficient.

Many people consider a new home as opposed to a foreclosure or short sale. Most foreclosed homes and short sales are sold “as is” which means the owner isn’t going to spend money on repairs. You get the home in exactly the  condition  that exists when you purchase it. The foreclosures and short sales usually have not been maintained as well as non distressed properties. Compare an “as is” home to a new home which comes with a builder warranty and a builder that stands behind their work.

You may be surprised to find that you can build your dream home for a price very close to the cost of a foreclosure or short sale. It might be work checking out.


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