Gardening Tips From a Master Gardener!

Posted by: Shirley Barber in Tips

Woman GardeningThe cooler days of fall are just around the corner. Fall brings a new growing season and revitalized interest in getting back into the garden. It is time to plan the garden projects you would like to accomplish during fall and winter. Are there overgrown shrubs that are obstructing the view of your home, or would you like to have more color to enhance the curb appeal? Would your garden beds look neater and better defined by installing edging?
Tomato GardenIf you plant tomatoes by Labor Day, there is plenty of time to harvest those tasty homegrown globes before the first frost. Flowering annuals installed now will continue to bloom until the first frost which could be as early as November 15. For instant color, consider planting marigolds, begonias, angelonia, salvia, impatiens, celosia and pentas. Install shrubs and trees after the temperatures have cooled.
It is also a good time to mulch. Mulch gives the landscape a neat finished look and is beneficial to plants and soil. In addition to protecting plants from colder temperatures, mulching will reduce evaporation from the soil, improve water penetration and air movement, moderate soil temperature fluctuations, discourage weed growth, and enrich the soil structure as it decomposes.
Look ahead to the coolers days and more enjoyment outside in your yard. Plan those projects now by gathering the tools and materials required to accomplish those projects. You will love the results!


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