With Advantage Home Builders, Energy Efficiency and Customization Don’t Break the Bank

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This month, we’re back with Doug Griesemer, President of Advantage Home Builders, to learn what sets their company apart from their national competition. Doug took us to visit some of their homes under construction in Las Calinas to show how every Advantage Home Builders’ home is unique and built specifically to the homeowner’s wants and needs. And, not only are their homes customized, Advantage Home Builders is also at the forefront of energy efficiency technology!

As Doug explains above, Advantage Home Builders listens to their customers and, unlike national companies, are able to make adjustments to a basic home plan to fit a customer’s desires. No home plan is duplicated because they are each fit to a buyer’s needs. For example, one of their homes recently finished in Las Calinas had a different elevation than the plan intended. And, another home in Las Calinas had the square footage changed from the original plan, so the customer could expand their bedrooms and change the layout of their laundry room.  Not only do they cater to their customer’s wants, they also offer brand new homes starting in the $130,000s!

Next, Doug breaks down Advantage Home Builders’ energy efficiency program for us. Skytech comes into each and every Advantage Home Builders’ home to provide thorough inspections.  For their first inspection, Skytech makes sure all of the insulation is properly installed and that there’s no penetration to the exterior of the home. Then, they come back to inspect again after the home is finished to do an in-depth blow test on the home’s ductwork. Once this has been completed, they send all of their scores and information to the government to come up with a HERs rating. To receive HERs certification, homes require a rating of 77 or below. Doug expects the home in Las Calinas will come in with a score around the high 60s or low 70s. The more energy efficient the home, the lower the utility bills!

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