MOJO BBQ Serves Up 100 Meals for Mill Creek’s First Annual BBQ Night

Posted by: Cathy Eng in Community Involvement, News, Schools, WGV Events

Mill Creek Elementary School’s first annual BBQ Night went off without a hitch last Tuesday, May 27, bringing in $2,040 — $1,020 of which goes directly to the school for books and technology! Catered by MOJO Old City BBQ, the event sold 100 meals including 55 family meals, 11 individual turkey meals and 34 individual pork meals.

Davidson Realty, which operates Davidson Cares, a non-profit organization that gives grants to local schools like Mill Creek, also had representatives on hand to help. Volunteers handed out pre-ordered meals to Mill Creek parents as they waited in the after-school car line.

Says Davidson Realty President Sherry Davidson, “This was such a great event because it benefitted everyone involved – Mill Creek received funding for the school and parents received a delicious meal for their family. Thanks to the great folks at MOJO for catering the first of hopefully many BBQ nights!”

MOJO Old CIty BBQ is located in St. Augustine’s historic district on Cordova Street. Visit them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MojoOldCityBbq.


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