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Remember March? When the weather was perfect, people spent more time outside and neighbors seemed more “neighborly” as we all navigated through this pandemic together? It seemed the words we heard so frequently were “new normal”, “unsettling”, “uncertainty” and don’t forget the word “pivot.” Certainly, those words still ring true as we experience the threat of the novel coronavirus but what we can tell you with no uncertainty and without having to pivot is that NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO SELL YOUR HOME.

Real Estate experts across the country along with our Davidson Realty team of experts have closely examined the trends and the current market conditions and we’re all saying the same thing – this is the best time to sell a home in YEARS!

1. This is probably the best reason: SUPPLY AND DEMAND. While the data shows there are plenty of homebuyers, our Davidson Realty agents can also tell you that there’s just not enough inventory available which means you are almost guaranteed to get people to look at your home. There are lots of reasons economist say are contributing to the low housing inventory: people are living in their homes longer, more people are choosing to renovate, and government stimulus has allowed people to stay in their homes.

2. COVID – While stated above we know the supply is low there are still lots of reasons people are looking to move. Covid-19 created many situations for homeowners across the country and here in Northeast Florida. Some Americans are having to downsize, relocate for jobs due to layoffs or now don’t need to live so close to work since many companies have shifted to “work from home” models. In addition, many homeowners are recognizing the inefficiencies in their current home after being under lockdown restrictions and are looking to move…and quickly! And with parents deciding to continue with a virtual school model from home, the need for flex-space or a room dedicated for school work is now a priority. With most homebuyers looking to purchase in the suburbs, Jacksonville offers plenty of communities that fit the bill.

3. MONEY AND MORTAGE RATES – You’ve got what buyers want and there’s not a lot of competition on the market which means you can get more money for your home. The pandemic has not impacted home prices. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, home asking price growth is actually higher than it was before the pandemic. Still not convinced now is the time to sell your home? Consider mortgage rates. Average interest rates recently reached a new record low for a 30-year fixed-rate.

Davidson Realty has a team of experts in place to help you get your home “show ready” and on the market! Contact our office to start the conversation.


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