Learn About Membership Opportunities and the Plethora of Activities that await you at Serenata Beach Club!

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This month, Davidson Realty’s marketing team is back in Ponte Vedra Beach at Serenata Beach Club with Serenata’s Membership Director Jen Jones discussing the private beach club’s membership opportunities as well as the wide array of activities they have going on all year round. Check out the video above as Jen explains the membership options and a sample of their activities for children and adults!

There are many categories of memberships at Serenata Beach Club to suit any size family’s wants and needs. The club offers family memberships, single memberships, senior memberships, junior memberships and more. The family membership is for any couple with dependent children under the age of 23. A single membership is for anyone with no dependent children and a senior membership is for any individual over 65 years of age. Junior memberships are for those singles under 35. Give Jen a call at (904) 823-3368 for more information on all their membership opportunities!

We also chatted with Jen about the schedule of activities they have going on at the club year round. During the summer they host a very popular kid’s surf camp, as well as many other kid’s camps and activities for adults. Right now, they have a Fireside Book Club, Oyster Roasts, Golf Outings, Mah Jong, Ladies Bridge, live music, Dog Day Afternoons, trivia and more! They also have running groups, fitness groups and other great fitness activities going on.

For more information on touring Serenata Beach Club for yourself or becoming a member, give one of our Davidson Realty agents a call at (904) 940-5000 or visit Serenata on the web at www.serenataclub.com.


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