560367_10150705459604335_54830079334_9567396_1460993883_nWhen Dan Jenkins was running on passion and raw talent, he befriended his fellow Texan, the great Ben Hogan. Ben became his mentor and gave him lessons on the game of golf. At the crossroads of Dan’s golf ability – Ben wanted him to achieve more and tried to coax him to commit to the game. Dan, a bit frustrated with his swing, told Ben, “I just want to be a sportswriter – I’ve always wanted to be a sportswriter”.

As Dan tells it – Ben paused and riveted him with an amour-piercing look – held eye-to-eye for an uncomfortably long time – then simply said, “Keep working at it”.

The rest is history because Dan Jenkins went on to become the greatest and most revered sportswriter in America – always working at his craft.

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