Discover What De-Cluttering Will do For You!

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clutter-clipartWorld Golf Village resident Michelle Petrarca, owner of “U Need Me” shared some much needed de-cluttering tips after the holidays. “My motto is to improve your space, create harmony, and discover what de-cluttering can do for you,” says Petrarca. 

Michelle has come to realize that the journey from chaos to order is a powerful, transformative and spiritual undertaking and that her job is to stand witness for this process. When people are finally ready to pick up the phone to contact her, they are ready to look deep into their lives and begin letting go of the items and commitments that no longer serve them and actually keep them from feeling the creativity and freedom they yearn for.

Michelle believes to start the process, you first need to ask yourself these questions:
Do you feel uncomfortable when uninvited guests visit?
Are closets, cabinets and drawers overflowing?
How many items are “homeless” in each room ?
Do you waste time looking for possessions?
Is clutter causing a stressful atmosphere in your home?

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