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epic landscapeMulch is a wonderful addition to any landscape.  A mulch layer around trees and shrubs provides many benefits.

♦ Helps maintain soil moisture.   Mulch slows evaporation and reduces the amount of water that is needed by the plants.
♦ Inhibits weeds.  It is almost impossible to keep weeds out of bedding areas without some type of mulch covering.
♦ Helps maintain soil temperature.  Mulch keeps the plants’ roots warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
♦ Adds Beauty.  Mulch gives planting beds a neat and uniform appearance.  Its color and textures compliments the plants and the house.
♦ Reduces soil erosion.  Water running off the house or from adjacent areas can create a lot of soil erosion.  Mulch will decrease the amount of soil lost.
♦ Improves the soil.  Any organic mulch will decompose over time.  This will increase the soil’s fertility and improve the soil’s texture and drainage.
♦ Provides protection.  Having a layer of mulch around plants and trees will protect them from lawnmowers and string trimmers.

There are several types of mulch available.  The most common types used in our St. Augustine golf course community  are cypress mulch, rock, pine bark or pine straw. 

How do you choose?  First, decide your budget.  Mulch can be bought by the bag or loose in bulk.  Epic Landscape Management gives our customers the best price available.  Even though bagged mulch is more convenient, bulk mulch is less expensive.  Rock is the most expensive.  Second, determine what color compliments your landscape.  Cypress mulch comes in different colors.  In this area, dark brown (chocolate), red, golden or natural are mostly used.  Pine straw and pine bark have a natural color.  Third, decide how often you want to replace the mulch.  Organic mulch will fade over time.  In order to keep that fresh look, mulch may have to be replaced every year.  Chocolate and red mulch seem to hold their color the longest.  How thick it is applied also determines how often it has to be replaced.  Epic Landscape Management applies approximately 3” of mulch to a bedding area that has little or no mulch.  The following year, a thinner layer can then be applied to freshen its appearance.  Some mulch lay heavier than others.  Pine bark and pine straw are very light and can wash out of the beds, where as cypress mulch lays heavier and creates a “blanket”. 

There are a few guidelines, when applying mulch to your bedding area:
♦ Avoid piling mulch up against tree trunks.  This can cause the trunk to rot.
♦ Create rings around trees that are as large as the canopy. 
♦ Keep the mulch off of the foliage of the plants.
♦ If there is already a layer of mulch, rake it loose and remove any excess. 
♦ Some termite contracts may become void if the mulch is right up against the house.  Check with your termite company.  You want to keep a thin layer within 12” of the house foundation or use rock so the soil beneath can naturally dry.

Epic Landscape Management is owned by Stephen and Robin Stubbs.  We have lived in the World Golf Village for 6 years.  For our neighbors, mention this article and receive a 10% discount on your next mulch application.


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