epic landscapeMulch is a wonderful addition to any landscape.  A mulch layer around trees and shrubs provides many benefits.

♦ Helps maintain soil moisture.   Mulch slows evaporation and reduces the amount of water that is needed by the plants.
♦ Inhibits weeds.  It is almost impossible to keep weeds out of bedding areas without some type of mulch covering.
♦ Helps maintain soil temperature.  Mulch keeps the plants’ roots warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
♦ Adds Beauty.  Mulch gives planting beds a neat and uniform appearance.  Its color and textures compliments the plants and the house.
♦ Reduces soil erosion.  Water running off the house or from adjacent areas can create a lot of soil erosion.  Mulch will decrease the amount of soil lost.
♦ Improves the soil.  Any organic mulch will decompose over time.  This will increase the soil’s fertility and improve the soil’s texture and drainage.
♦ Provides protection.  Having a layer of mulch around plants and trees will protect them from lawnmowers and string trimmers.

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