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new-years-resolutionsI have now experienced 55 opportunities to commit to and deliver on a New Year’s Resolution – having my first at the age of 5. I don’t know about you – but my success in these endeavors comes and goes – and can be difficult to gauge.

Like Jerry Seinfeld at the rental car counter – complaining about how easy it is for them to take a reservation – but how hard it is for them to keep it – my track record with resolutions is a bit the same.

The experts have all sorts of tried and true ways to make resolutions, and more importantly, help you keep them. Their advice says that one should start with a set, specific goal – make a plan, then write it down. Once you are clear – you need to enlist support and stay the course. As the year progresses – they say you need to adopt the simple mantra, “how can I make it happen” – and just keep asking yourself that question. Supposedly – over and over, this self-driven effort (with all the extra encouragement you can get) will produce great results.

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