Top Interior Design Trends of 2021

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While in quarantine, you’ve likely grown an appreciation and love for the interior design of your home out of a renewed respect for your space. To satisfy the newfound designer in you, enjoy a roundup of the latest interior design trends of 2021! 


In recent years, wallpaper has become increasingly popular and it looks like wallpaper has made its official comeback in 2021 in a new and exciting way! Wallpaper can be used to create a statement wall, add a pop of color, and even make a bold statement when used on the ceiling. Peel-and-stick wallpaper has led the charge in the wallpaper comeback because of how easy it is to remove and change, especially for renters or homeowners with evolving tastes. 

House Plants

Bridge the gap from outdoor to indoor living with fresh, luscious greenery. Plants not only bring natural beauty to a home, but have the added benefit of purifying the air and improving your mood. Some of our favorite low maintenance house plants include Bird’s Nest Fern, Bromeliad, and, the nearly impossible to kill, Snake Plant! 

Multifunctional Spaces

This trend is inevitably a side effect of the quarantine. With more people working from home and schools going virtual, rooms were quickly serving multiple purposes as everyone adapted to quarantined life. However, these spaces don’t have to sacrifice style. Maintaining a seamless flair throughout the room will not only unify the space, but make it more enjoyable and productive to spend time in. 

Textured Walls

Adding texture to your walls is the perfect accent to any space that needs a little boost. Textured walls bring dimension and mood to a space. With the addition of textured walls, rooms will appear larger as eyes will be drawn to the outer edge of the room. Trending textured wall applications include marble slabs, padded velvet walls and plastered walls.

Natural Elements

Organic materials and natural wood hues are making a statement in 2021. From earthy tones, terracotta vases, marble, and wicker there is no shortage of options to add natural mediums to your decor. The earthy appeal is just another way to add texture to your home especially if you have upholstered furniture. Adding natural accessories can help make your home more welcoming and complete. 

Sustainable Design

This year, interior design will take a more conscious approach than ever. While some will shop at antique and thrift shops for unique pieces to bring back back to life, others will research to find designers whose production is ethical and sustainable. Choosing decor made from wood, bamboo, cork and recycled metals are easy ways to make an impact on the environment. 

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10 Rules of Home Staging

Posted by: Donna Mancini in Tips

50273_154241524608194_1000_nAre you aware that a potential buyer typically knows within 15 seconds if he or she is interested in a home?  Did you know that recent studies show that over 90% of potential buyers begin their home search on the internet?  

Presentation is everything!  Staging is simply emphasizing your home’s best features so that it will stand out from the competition and allows buyers to connect emotionally and visualize themselves living there.  For those of you that are considering putting your home on the market in the near future, here are some things to get you started:

CleaningClipArt1.  Consider Curb Appeal – Potential buyers need to fall in love with your home from the street.  Power wash walkways and roofs, trim bushes, remove weeds, plant flowers, replace dated or rusted light fixtures . . . make a good first impression.
2. Clean, Clean, Clean – I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a clean, fresh smelling home.  Don’t forget rugs, closets, cabinets and garages.  Buyers are buying the entire home, so they will look there.
3. De-Clutter – Get rid of absolutely everything that is not necessary and anything that prevents a buyer from seeing your homes’ beautiful features or how the space is really meant to be used.
4. De-Personalize – As much as you love your family photos, awards and religious artifacts, buyers will have a difficult time visualizing themselves living in the home.  Pack them away now and get a jump on what you will have to do anyway when your home sells.

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