Wanted In White – Clean Not Cluttered

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In my last installment, as a current home seller, I shared a personal lesson-learned. I summarized the lesson into the simple observation – “listen to the market – don’t doubt the Buyer – understand their preferences”.

The longer one’s home remains on the market – the more lessons flood in. You don’t always have to personally live the lesson to benefit from it. When you seek the right counsel – your path and progress can be secured.

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Why Isn’t My Home Selling?

Posted by: Caryn Best in Tips

real_estate_sign_for_sale_md_wmIt can be a challenge to stay patient when selling your home.  But Davidson Realty pros say if your home has been on the market more than three months without any serious offers, it’s a sign something is off.  Here are four caution signs our Jacksonville and St. Augustine realtors watch for when selling a home.

No showings: Typically a home buyer will look at 10-15 homes before choosing a home. Too few or no showings, is a pretty clear sign that buyers may be rejecting your home based on price from the moment they see the listing.

No offers: If buyers are viewing your home yet you receive no offers, this can be a sign that buyers may not be rejecting the price but the home itself. This is when it’s time to consult your Realtor to find out buyers’ concerns with your home so issues can be fixed as soon as possible. Alternatively, sellers may provide an allowance to buyers so they can fix problems after a sale.

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